Interview: Brian Honigman

Irena Šovčíková   5. 9. 2012

Our next interviewed person is Brian Honigman, young manager of online marketing at Marc Ecko Enterprises, regular contributor for Mashable, Business Insider and several other websites. With Brian we have talked about SEO, blogging and social networks in general. Is SEO dead? How to deal with bad reactions? Read the article to get to know the answers!

How long have you been blogging?

Ive been blogging since 2009, started at the agency Branding Brand writing for them and their clients and quickly began writing on my own about the digital space for my other jobs and tech publications. Im often published weekly in the publications I contribute to. Sometimes its hard to contribute to multiple publications, but its what it takes to get noticed in your particular space, especially the tech field. My suggestion would be to write for a few publications often, as opposed to many publications now and again. Quality over quantity is key.

What are some automation tools that you use? Some people say they are kinda „harmful“.

I use Buffer and HootSuite for scheduling Twitter updates personally. At Marc Ecko, I use HootSuite to schedule content for our Twitter accounts. These tools can be harmful if they arent used right.
Its important to use them in moderation and to still remain engaged with your audiences and their responses, even if they are responding to a post you scheduled.

What did you learned by working for Marc Ecko?

Ive learned a lot working at Marc Ecko Enterprises. One of the major things Ive learned is the process from start to finish to develop a line of clothing from production to promotion. Its an intensive and rewarding process that I hadnt had the pleasure of experiencing in such detail before.

What about SEO? Some people tend to say that SEO is dead.

SEO is not dead, SEO is an important way for Google, Yahoo and Bing to send traffic to a website, especially an ecommerce store. Most websites main referral sources of traffic are organic search. Like
social media, SEO is something any business with an online presence shouldnt ignore.

Where do you take inspiration for your articles? 

I typically write articles that others will find valuable for their marketing efforts whether theyre a nonprofit, brand or small business.I like to cover new features, innovative strategies and businesses
succeeding on a variety of digital platforms.

Do you have some tips how to connect Facebook and contest?

A business can look to connect their Facebook Page with their other giveaways and promotions by echoing the offering on the channel. Its important, no matter the channel, to customize the experience for your audience, but at other times similar offerings can be shared on multiple channels as a method to fully support the offering.

What is the biggest myth on social medias?

The biggest myth about social media is that its easy for a business to be good at. Its hard to stay up to date on the constant changes of each platform and the ever changing needs of your audience online. What will help any business succeed with social media is to continually provide valuable content to your audience, no matter if
its tips, coupons, news, photos etc.

Is there something intressting youve learned about social media
in past few months?

One interesting thing Ive learned about social media this month is the continuing focus on mobile apps/social networks. Everyday startups and businesses are gaining funding from a variety of sources due to
their mobile products. This shift isnt stopping anytime soon due to the increasing amount of time users are on their mobile phones everyday.

What is your favourite social site and why?

My favorite social media network right now is Viddy because its the
future of video for mobile. Think about the place Instagram now has in a companys media mix, Viddy is a future addition for all companies and organizations looking to bolster their mobile presecene.

Could you shortly describe the process of creating campaign?

Social media campaigns always start with a brainstorming session to solidify an idea as well as a goal. Its important to have both before any execution takes place, no matter the platform where the campaign is slated to live.

How to deal with bad comments or reactions?

Bad comments and reactions should be dealt with promptly. Take this bad press and turn it into an opportunity to show your customers how much you care about their needs. Apologize for any inconvenience, try to give advice on how to solve the issue and then give them your email or customer service line to help take the issue offline where
everyone can see.

How to get people engaged in not so intressting business fields like IT or technology in general?

To activate people to engage with your business, create interesting and relevant content that provides value and include them in your actions online. For instance, have your community vote on an issue related to your company. This will help make them feel like part of the community surrounding your brand.

What are, by your opinion, the biggest pros and cons of social
media marketing?

The advantage to social media marketing is the ability for the customer to directly interact with your company and provide real feedback. A major disadvantage to social media is how hard it can be to measure. Its such a new form of media that there isnt one way to measure it correctly, measurement varies case by case.

Is there any social site you really dont like using?

A social media site that I dont like using would have to be Reddit.
I dont always find the best content and dont see as many opportunity for brands on this network, hence why I dont often use it as much as I would otherwise.

How do you see this topic- Is Facebook a direct marketing tool? Is it possible to sell directly from Facebook, or is it more tool for communication and propagation of the brand?

I dont see Facebook as a direct marketing tool, but more of a platform for brand elevation. Direct sales often occur from Facebook and other social channels, but not as frequently as they would from other online marketing channels. Conversions from a social media channel dont occur in the same direct funnel as they do elsewhere onthe web. Theres often multiple channels that affect a purchase and often social media affects the equation from the beginning, middle,end or at every step of the way. Normally, online sales are recorded from first or last click attribution but this doesnt really work when measuring social media.

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