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Linux admin

Hi, we are igloonet and we have been in hosting & devops business for eighteen years now.

TL;DR: We are looking for a handy full-time partner for small team in Brno. Someone who is responsible, reliable, can handle anything, and can help us with both routine admin worries and further development.

Note from the start: We choose our colleagues carefully, but it's the attitude and character that matters. We can build knowledge and experience together.

Why is this position important?

  • You're the reason people get a new board, a board game for the weekend, a decent tool or tyres for the summer.
  • Our customers can do a lot of cool stuff and we want them to be able to focus on that. They won't have to worry about the technical operation of their projects with you on board.
  • All of us at igloo use a lot of internal systems that have to work reliably.
  • Servers, virtuals, containers... they all need a lot of love.

Is the job for you?

Your daily bread will be

I'd better clarify: this is a finish line, not something you have to know when you start. But at the same time, this is what you can look forward to encountering with us. We actually use everything listed in day to day operations.

  • Ansible role playing and Terraforming.
  • Exploring and deploying new technologies.
  • Programming and scripting in Python, Bash, AWK, jq
  • Documenting practices and developing our internal Org-mode wiki and help.
  • Configuring, testing and optimizing Apache, PHP, Nginx, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, InnoDB cluster
  • Maintaining our private Cloud on OpenNebula, debugging Ceph, KVM, LXC containers...
  • Modifications and optimizations of internal systems (Icinga2, ELK, InfluxDB, Grafana, Gitlab CI…).
  • Updates, updates and more updates.
  • Log tracking, troubleshooting.

What we care about

  • You are reliable. No excuses.
  • You know Linux well, ideally Debian.
  • You can learn new things quickly. And you'll figure out why even faster.
  • You can program. It's not about the language, it's about the mindset. You know data types and how to work with them.
  • You can solve a problem. Explore, analyze, write, solve, and document. Not just the one you already know.
  • You can write documentation without problems. In a way that others can understand. We don't have to push you.
  • You can debug problems. If something doesn't work, you can quickly narrow down a potential problem, use the appropriate tool, and get a solution or hotfix.
  • You are not stuck in the past. You have been improving your knowledge steadily.
  • You know that security is important. You don't compromise on it.
  • Czech language: it would be great if you know some, but intermediate English is enough.

What we don't care about, on the other hand.

  • How old you are, whether you pee standing up or sitting down, how you dress, where are you from, who you want to live with or who your parents are.
  • Your education. It really doesn't matter to us. Not your high school diploma, not your degrees, not your certificates or diplomas (except for BSc., SSc. of course).
  • Lack of formal experience or glowing references.
  • The fact that you meet everything in the previous paragraph. It is enough if you trust yourself to master those with our help in time.

Our dreams

  • You have a good relationship with Free Software. When you find a bug, you report it and help with the solution.
  • You used to be busy programming in ((Python|Ruby|Haskell|elisp|.+) )+.
  • You can work with the customer to come up with a suitable solution.
  • You know ((L[AN]MP)|Redis|(Postgre|My)SQL|(Maria|Mongo)DB|rsyslog|Icinga|HAProxy|Xen|kvm|Docker)+.
  • You are evil in (spac)?emacs.
  • You can't live without Org-mode
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge, lecturing or blogging.

What will you learn with us?

There will be plenty, no matter how much you know now. We stick to the tried and tested stuff, but we're always looking for ways to improve. At the same time, we've got a lot of internal mini-projects underway to push ourselves further.

Just a few things you'll probably come across in the near future:

  • Automate server management via Ansible.
  • Create monitoring checks for Icinga.
  • Work with spacemacs, Org-mode and the tools around it.
  • CEPH, KVM, OpenNebula, ZFS, Btrfs, GlusterFS, Open vSwitch, InnoDB cluster, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and Haproxy.
  • Lots of web hosting, domain and TLS certificate stuff.

What's in store for you?

We're not looking for a superman with abnormal abilities. We want to work with someone who enjoys Linux and will gradually get into everything we do here. We want a lazy person who automates everything.

We take care of three main areas: web hosting, virtual server infrastructure, and customized solutions for us (hosting); our developers, our marketeers; and our customers' projects.

Most of us go to the office Monday through Wednesday and work from home Thursday and Friday. If more remote work is better for you, we can work it out. Working hours are by mutual agreement. We have Debian on our servers, but you can have whatever you want on your machine.

We'll gradually introduce you to our practices, teach you parts you don't know and learn from you those we don't know. And of course get right to work.

We operate in a very open way, the direction of our department is devised by all of us together, as well as the way we work. We use Redmine to track tasks and Kanban to organize work. We like free software, we try to publish our customizations, plugins and tools for others to use.

Even though server administration is a lot about routine, we try to give everyone a variety of work and find enough space to do the things they enjoy more.

There's a lot more to it, best to keep it to the interview.


Full fridge

You'll never go hungry again. But watch out, "Piškotíky" are like hot cakes...

Great coffee

Meeting at the coffee machine is our ritual. Espresso and filtered coffee lovers alike.


Expect two monitors, a proper chair, a notebook and whatever else you need for work.


Park in our lot just steps away from your office chair.


You won't come to work and we won't ask why.

Mobile plan

After a year, a smartphone with unlimited usage plan. Or right away if you need it for work.


Eight hours a month of work time for self-education.

Meal allowance

No wasted paper, straight into your account every month.

MultiSport card

Do sports up to 365 days a year, we'll contribute half.


Find a school or tutor and we'll contribute half.

Quiet room

Use the quiet to concentrate and leave the noise at the door.

Don't see the benefit you're looking for? Let us know, maybe we take it for granted and have forgotten to mention it.

Who will you be working with?

Don't postpone it, write to Kepi